April 30, 2016

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Little Shop of Horrors is a very popular amateur and school musical. It is about a florist assistant who finds an alien plant, learns it needs blood for food and ends up feeding it people. It has a small cast of approx 15, some of which are puppeteers with no singing/speaking.
Auditions are on Feb 3rd and 4th. Short-listed Chorus girls may be called back on the Sunday afternoon to check ability to sing harmony parts and blend.
If you are interested in auditioning for a part the following may be useful.

1. Determine which part you are interested in, practice for that part and go to the information night and auditions with a positive attitude

3. Be prepared to sing, dance and read lines from a script. The music and script segments will be posted on FB and website a week out from auditions to give you time to rehearse.

4. Do character research. The leads in this musical are full of contradictions.

5. American accents, preferably New York, will be preferred. Watch the musical movie with Rick Moranis and the original 1960s movie (on youtube) that the musical is based on. Clips of 60s dance crazes and Motown girl groups will be useful for the Chorus girls.

6. Listen to the New Broadway Cast version on Spotify – this follows the show score almost exactly. However be aware that imitating other singers may harm your own voice.

Seymour: high baritone or tenor voice, a bit of klutz and a nerd. Deeply in love and lacking confidence, the actor playing Syemour must be able to speak softly whilst still projecting – a nasal whining voice often helps this. A contradiction in personality – he is a shrinking violet who must remain centre stage, someone who the audience can both love and disdain.

Audrey: low on education and confidence, vulverable, she speaks with a high bimbo voice. Strong singer and actor, a canary in the coal-mine, a fluttering moth that gets too close to the flame.

Mr Mushnik: Seymour and Audrey’s boss, focussed on the dollar. His personality is Fagin meets George Costanza’s dad. He adopted Seymour then bullies and harasses him. Yiddish, Dutch or Russian accent preferred.

Chorus girls: Four girls, hip street-wise. Excellent harmony singers, the “Greek chorus” who both participate and commentate on the action in an aloof way, revelling in the leads’ misadventures. Excellent blend but also strong vocally individually to carry Gospel style solos.

Orin Scrivello DDS: evil sadistic dentist who is Audrey’s unhinged boyfriend. The character audiences really love to hate, funny in a creepy way. Speaks with a cool, low drawl but has a manic laugh. His singing role includes speaking and shouted words. More James Dean rebel than Elvis.

Voice of the Plant: powerful, deep R&B bass-baritone – Barry White meets James Brown, with some high notes. Good vocal range is required as well as harsh crackling laugh and gravelly parts. Mostly offstage, will need to working closely with the puppeteers.

Puppeteers: up to 4 puppeteers, operating the various Plants. Physically demanding, with long periods on stage of stillness between intense activity. They will need to know the role of Plant as well if not better than the Voice, in order to co-ordinate the expressive movements with each other and with the Voice. They will be expected to assist with construction of the puppets so they understand the mechanisms like the back of their hand!.

Extras: approx 5 parts for extras, as hobos, salesmen and customers. Small amount of solo singing and spoken script as well as whole cast songs.

Ten shows will take place in May 2018

Important dates:

January 31st – Information Night – Albany Port Theatre – 7.00pm

Auditions may be booked at the Info Night for 3rd or 4th February