April 30, 2016



In 1961 Bruce Houston, John Garritty and Stan Johnston made a bet of a case of beer with Wilson Weight that he could not start a successful theatre company. Wilson won and the Albany Light Opera Company was born.

The first production was the musical New Moon in 1962, performed in the Town Hall. A succession of musicals followed and the Company gained a reputation for quality performances of the talented players from Albany and surrounding districts.

Rehearsals and storage of costumes took place in a variety of venues until 1965 when the Company was able to get a peppercorn lease on the property that is now Dylans. Later, about 1970, they were able to purchase the old glass factory in David Street. In the long term that was a less than ideal location and when the opportunity to obtain a lease from what was then the Albany Port Authority, in half of a disused transit shed for goods to and from ship to road and rail, it was eagerly taken up.

The Company moved in 1991 and immediately turned the bare shell into a theatre. The first production in the new premises was Old Time Music Hall in 1993. Around this time it was felt that a change of name was appropriate and we became the Albany Light Opera and Theatre Company and also became an incorporated body.

A program of improvement is still ongoing with the Company dedicated to creating better facilities for members and audiences. With audience tastes changing the Company has taken on the challenges of popular modern shows such as Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. These have brought out the amazing talent that is in our community. Some, of quite early years when first appearing, have gone on to be professional entertainers. Others, not so ambitious, have stayed with the Company for many years, in some cases over 50! There are others who prefer not to be seen and provide the creative and technical support necessary for the performance of our productions.

So we invite you to follow our link to Drop Box and find memories galore from past productions.