April 30, 2016

What’s On



Information Afternoon – Saturday 25th September 2.30pm

A new dance work in 6 parts… enjoy the story of a young magpie across twelve months living at Middleton Beach. “As the sun rises over Middleton Beach, the morning warble of the magpies can be heard. High above the ground, in the branch of a Norfolk Pine, sits a lonely, young magpie. She is searching for a mate and dreaming of a family of her own”

Albany Light Opera and Theatre Co’s ‘Let’s Shine’ and Breaksea.org have been working together to create an inspirational performance for the Breaksea Festival at the Albany Entertainment Centre. https://www.breaksea.org/

‘Let’s Shine’ requires dancers and actors (no singing or talking parts) to perform in a production written by Naomi Lake (mentored by Diane Wolfer), choregraphed by Emily O’Brien (mentored by Rita Bush) and co-ordinated by Janet McArtney, collaboratively with breaksea.org.

‘Lets Shine’ provides a safe environment for people living with disabilities to perform.



 Director/Facilitator:  Janet McArtney – ALOTCo

0401 203 557 or mc.smile@bigpond.com

Assistant: Jill Larsen


Writer -Naomi Lake (mentored by Dianne Wolfer – Breaksea)

Choreographer – Emily O’Brien (mentored by Rita Bush- Breaksea)

Costuming Support: Linda Rogers – ALOTCo

Videography – Rob Castiglione- Breaksea

Music – Jonathon Brain – Breaksea

Magpie Wings – Mrs Ward


Important Information


Full Memberships   

A D UL T S: $ 35       J U N I O R S: $ 20 Under 18           ASSOCIATE: $10

F A M I L Y:  $ 8 0 P a r e n t /s  p l u s  c h i l d r e n  u n d e r  1 8 


Music –music will recordered for dancers.

Narration – will be recorded

Costume Box – please bring a box with your name on it to start housing your costumes.

Make-up – BYO makeup lipstick, mascara, some theatre makeup will be available.

Specialised makeup will be available for the dancers.

Costuming – Magpies wings and black clothes will be supplied by ALOTCo.  Surf Club clothes by Albany Surf Club. Beach wear to be supplied by performers and ALOTCo

Props required: By ALOTCo and performers

camping chairs, 3 legged BBQ & tongs, phones and cameras, pine tree branches (for nest), Surf Club Uniforms, flags & poles, bathers, beach towels, sunglasses, big beach umbrella?, red ribbon, bucket, sand castle, brightly coloured objects, orange bottle top, 3 grey/speckled eggs, shells, seaweed, pretend food scraps, fishing rod, small fish, real or pretend dog, pink raw sausage, BBQ tongs, mobile phones and cameras and yellow surf hat.

Key Dates

 Rehearsals (4) @ Albany Light Opera (Port Theatre)

2:30pm – 4:30pm

  • Sundays 31st Oct & 7th Nov
  • Saturdays 13th & 20th Nov (Dress)

Orientation Tour @ Albany Entertainment Centre (AEC)

  • Friday 19th Meet 10:30am at Port Theatre walk across for 11:00am tour of AEC


Final Dress Rehearsal (1) & Induction @ Albany Entertainment Centre

  • Weds 24th Nov, 4pm – 5pm

Performances (2) -@ Albany Entertainment Centre

  • Friday 26th Nov 4pm & 7:30pm Performances



HOUSE RULES (modified for VFTMN)

  1. The following areas are out of bounds unless accompanied by ALOTCo official:
  • The Wardrobe Area, including the sound and lighting desk.
  • All upstairs storage areas.
  • The Sewing Room adjacent to the foyer.
  • Backstage
  1. All designated EXITS and Fire Fighting Equipment must be kept accessible at all times.                             No scenery or props should impede access to the EXITS or fire equipment.
  2. No alcohol is to be consumed in the backstage area. No illegal substances are to be used anywhere within the theatre.
  3. The entire theatre is a Smoke Free zone.
  4. Costumes must be kept in a tidy manner. Keep any other items in a box under your costumes.