April 30, 2016

What’s On


Urinetown the Musical

Audition Information

Info night planned 7pm Wed 11th December at Port Theatre.

Auditions Sat 14th Dec 0900-1500 and Sunday 15th 1000-1400.

Cast can book audition time at Info Night or by contacting the director via email on grumcat76@gmail.com.

Cast introductions and read thru on Tuesday 17th December 7pm then rehearsals start Tuesday Feb 4th 2020.

For script readings and audition songs go to Auditions and Forms page.


The show is a satirical comedy. All cast need to have a grasp of comic timing (esp leads) and capacity for melodramatic overacting.

Natural accents will be used.

Cast size 20-25 people.

For voice ranges Middle C = C4


Officer Lockstock: A policeman who enforces law and order, an authority figure. Strong acting ability, comic timing and some dancing. The narrator of the show, a key role who must engage the audience throughout. Prominent in 5 songs. Male 35-60yo, Vocal range A3-A5 (Tenor-Baritone)

Little Sally: Precocious irreverant urchin, co-narrator and one of the poor who interacts with Lockstock. Strong actor with comic timing and moderate singing and dance skills who can hold an audience. Female 15-35yo but able to talk and act like a child. Prominent in 3 songs. Vocal Range A4-E5 (Soprano/Mezzo)

Bobby Strong: Romantic hero of the show, dashing rebellious protagonist. Strong actor and singer, medium dance skills required. Prominent in 8 songs. Male 18-30yo look, Vocal Range A3-C5 (Tenor)

Hope Cladwell: Romantic heroine, naïve and beautiful daughter of Caldwell B Cladwell. Strong actor and singer and medium dancing. Prominent in 6 songs. Female. 18-25yo look, Vocal Range A4-C6 (Soprano)

Penelope Pennywise: Tough custodian of Public Amenity #9, Bobby’s boss. Gutsy female character. Strong acting and singer. Prominent in 5 songs. Female age 30-55yo, Vocal range A4-C6 (Soprano/Mezzo)

Caldwell B Cladwell: Evil CEO of the large multinational corporation that controls the public amenities. Strong actor and singer, minimal dance. Prominent in 5 songs. Male 40-60yo. Vocal range A3-G5 (Tenor-Baritone)

Officer Barrel: Lockstock’s police sidekick. Thug with a private secret. Strong actor, moderate singer. Prominent in 3 songs. Male/Female 25-45. Vocal Range G3-F5/G4-F6 (Baritone/Alto)

The Poor: (all require ability to learn dance moves and sing harmony)

Hot Blades Harry: psychopathic member of the poor. Strong actor and singer, Prominent in 3 songs. Male. Age 16-40yo. Vocal range A3-F5 (Baritone)

Little Becky Two Shoes: Foul-mouthed pregnant woman. Strong actor and singer. Prominent in 3 songs. Female 16-40. Vocal range Bb4-F5 (Alto/Soprano)

Old Ma Strong: Bobby’s mother. Strong actor, moderate singing. Prominent in 3 songs. Female 30-65yo. Vocal Range Bb4-D6 (Alto)

Old Man Strong: Bobby’s father. Moderate acting and singing. Male 40-65yo. Vocal Range Tenor. Actor can double as one of the execs.

Tiny Tom: confused man-child. Moderate acting and singing. Male 16-50yo, vocal range Tenor/Baritone

Soupy Sue: poor woman, moderate acting and singing. Prominent in 2 songs, Female 16-50yo, Vocal range Alto

Robby the Stockfish, Billy Boy Bill and other members of the poor. Male/Female 14-60yo. Actors may double as execs and staff

The Rich/Executives (all require the ability to learn dance moves and sing harmony)

Senator Fipp: a corrupt politician, moderate acting, minimal singing and dancing. Prominent in 3 songs. Male 30-60yo, Vocal range C#3-F4 (Tenor-Baritone)

Mr McQueen: Cladwell’s lackey. Moderate acting, minimal singing and dancing. Prominent in 3 songs, male 30-60yo, vocal range Tenor

Dr Billeaux: Head of research for Cladwell’s company. Moderate actor and singer, prominent in 2 songs. Male 20-50yo. Vocal range Tenor

Mrs Millenium: another of Cladwell’s lackeys. Moderate actor and singer. Prominent in 2 songs. Female 20-50yo Vocal Range Alto

Staff: Male/Female 14-60yo, may double as members of the poor.