April 30, 2016

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Urinetown the Musical

Audition Information


For script readings and audition songs go to Auditions and Forms page.


The show is a satirical comedy. All cast need to have a grasp of comic timing (esp leads) and capacity for melodramatic overacting.

Natural accents will be used.

Cast size 20-25 people.

For voice ranges Middle C = C4


Officer Lockstock: A policeman who enforces law and order, an authority figure. Strong acting ability, comic timing and some dancing. The narrator of the show, a key role who must engage the audience throughout. Prominent in 5 songs. Male 35-60yo, Vocal range A3-A5 (Tenor-Baritone)

Little Sally: Precocious irreverant urchin, co-narrator and one of the poor who interacts with Lockstock. Strong actor with comic timing and moderate singing and dance skills who can hold an audience. Female 15-35yo but able to talk and act like a child. Prominent in 3 songs. Vocal Range A4-E5 (Soprano/Mezzo)

Bobby Strong: Romantic hero of the show, dashing rebellious protagonist. Strong actor and singer, medium dance skills required. Prominent in 8 songs. Male 18-30yo look, Vocal Range A3-C5 (Tenor)

Hope Cladwell: Romantic heroine, naïve and beautiful daughter of Caldwell B Cladwell. Strong actor and singer and medium dancing. Prominent in 6 songs. Female. 18-25yo look, Vocal Range A4-C6 (Soprano)

Penelope Pennywise: Tough custodian of Public Amenity #9, Bobby’s boss. Gutsy female character. Strong acting and singer. Prominent in 5 songs. Female age 30-55yo, Vocal range A4-C6 (Soprano/Mezzo)

Caldwell B Cladwell: Evil CEO of the large multinational corporation that controls the public amenities. Strong actor and singer, minimal dance. Prominent in 5 songs. Male 40-60yo. Vocal range A3-G5 (Tenor-Baritone)

Officer Barrel: Lockstock’s police sidekick. Thug with a private secret. Strong actor, moderate singer. Prominent in 3 songs. Male/Female 25-45. Vocal Range G3-F5/G4-F6 (Baritone/Alto)

The Poor: (all require ability to learn dance moves and sing harmony)

Hot Blades Harry: psychopathic member of the poor. Strong actor and singer, Prominent in 3 songs. Male. Age 16-40yo. Vocal range A3-F5 (Baritone)

Little Becky Two Shoes: Foul-mouthed pregnant woman. Strong actor and singer. Prominent in 3 songs. Female 16-40. Vocal range Bb4-F5 (Alto/Soprano)

Old Ma Strong: Bobby’s mother. Strong actor, moderate singing. Prominent in 3 songs. Female 30-65yo. Vocal Range Bb4-D6 (Alto)

Old Man Strong: Bobby’s father. Moderate acting and singing. Male 40-65yo. Vocal Range Tenor. Actor can double as one of the execs.

Tiny Tom: confused man-child. Moderate acting and singing. Male 16-50yo, vocal range Tenor/Baritone

Soupy Sue: poor woman, moderate acting and singing. Prominent in 2 songs, Female 16-50yo, Vocal range Alto

Robby the Stockfish, Billy Boy Bill and other members of the poor. Male/Female 14-60yo. Actors may double as execs and staff

The Rich/Executives (all require the ability to learn dance moves and sing harmony)

Senator Fipp: a corrupt politician, moderate acting, minimal singing and dancing. Prominent in 3 songs. Male 30-60yo, Vocal range C#3-F4 (Tenor-Baritone)

Mr McQueen: Cladwell’s lackey. Moderate acting, minimal singing and dancing. Prominent in 3 songs, male 30-60yo, vocal range Tenor

Dr Billeaux: Head of research for Cladwell’s company. Moderate actor and singer, prominent in 2 songs. Male 20-50yo. Vocal range Tenor

Mrs Millenium: another of Cladwell’s lackeys. Moderate actor and singer. Prominent in 2 songs. Female 20-50yo Vocal Range Alto

Staff: Male/Female 14-60yo, may double as members of the poor.